Latest Projects

Ethic1st Whistleblowing-Complaint Management (Romania) / is an independent whistleblowing service. The clients offers this service to its employees as a channel for reporting misconduct, possible fraud or their suspicions regarding any illicit behavior within the company’s day-to-day activity. We take whistleblowing very seriously and will review all reports and initiate an investigation where possible, subject to the suspicions claimed and the evidence supporting a possible suspicion of some sort.

Tonegeo Music Map (Turkey) /

Tonegeo musicmap that we have been dreaming of for a long time is now online at
Tonegeo is a music map/ local tones that you can explore via the geo.
For now, it's just the first steps, but the goal is to actually become a big music map around the world.

Whistleblowing Demo Web App. Published /

This is the base project for the whistleblowing services. It supports multiple Consultant/Law companies with their clients. The Reporter and Consultant Modules now can be investigated on the demo app.